This summer I traveled through Germany and France with my musical colleague friends, to perform at many beautiful locations.
I enjoyed the beautiful tour with Tangata & Jeannine Geerts in northern Germany,
The highlight is the concert in Hasselburg, (Schleswig Holstein Musik festival) but also on the Timmendorferstrand. A great & #8220; Treppenkonzert & #8221; at the Kellersee in Eutin and finally: Lübeck on a swinging tango dance evening.
It was fantastic to fly to Paris and meet my music colleague from the Hague string ensemble & Emmy Storms again in Trancault (close to Troyes). We have given concerts in the Cathedrale of Troyes and Nogins sur la Seine.
I spent the last week in Lagarde, southern France, in the impressive Castelnau des Fieumarcon, where I was invited to give a few solo concerts. Very special to also give musical performances together with the international guests and family of Frederic Coustols and Maria Mendonca. Armenian songs, French chansons, Portuguese children's songs,
and as the most special new adventure: performances with rapper Duarte (Duda Tranquilo).
View here a video with the youngest: Vicente, from Lisbon.

Full of inspiration and with new musical ideas I came back to the Netherlands
again with the awareness of how music connects people.