Quarantine Sessions & #8220; Sequime si podes & #8221;

This video from the series of 3 tango “quarantine sessions” films that I made in summer 2020 together with and conducted by Christiaan van Hemert (bandoneon / violin and artistic direction / editing) and fellow musicians worldwide.

These “leaders” from the (tango) music world contributed to this:

bandoneón 1 & #8211; Victor Hugo Villena (Argentina / France)
bandoneón 2 & #8211; Santiago Cimadevilla (Argentina / The Netherlands)
bandoneón 3 & #8211; Christiaan van Hemert (The Netherlands)
violin 1 & #8211; Derk Lottman (The Netherlands)
violin 2 & #8211; Andrea Karina Bentivoglio (Argentina / The Netherlands)
piano & #8211; Margreet Markerink (The Netherlands)
guitar & #8211; Elliot Muusses (The Netherlands)
bass & #8211; Joel Locher (Germany)

For me it was an honor and celebration, despite the fact that we all recorded from home, to know that we played in this special line-up!
A sunny moment in this sad Corona time.


This period of Corona has suddenly changed so much in the daily lives of all of us.
It will turn the world upside down in a few weeks.
For all musicians, this means that all concerts are suddenly canceled for a long period of time. And we musicians love to give concerts and perform together to make the audience and ourselves happy.
The great concerts this month and next in the Netherlands, Paris and Germany will probably all be canceled.
That is why we decided to start quarantine sessions with some musician friends under the leadership of Christiaan van Hemert.
Each of us remains in quarantine at home.

The first video with my participation is this amazing " Soledad ", a beautiful composition by Astor Piazzolla.

  • Christiaan van Hemert, bandoneon, electric guitar & technique
  • Derk Lottman violin
  • Margreet Markerink piano
  • Joel Locher double bass

Enjoy it. More videos will follow.